John Hopkinson
1933 - 2021

Dear friends,

It is with profound sadness that I announce the passing of my father and best friend, John Hopkinson. Dad died peacefully in his sleep on the morning of 2nd January 2021, after a brief battle with cancer. I am grateful to report that at no time did he suffer any pain.

I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful messages I have received, both to me and to dad, which have enabled me to keep going and which have made me feel even more incredibly proud of my dad, if such a thing were possible. I cannot begin to fully express my gratitude to you all, but I will start with a very simple THANK YOU!

Dad's funeral will be held at Skipton Crematorium on 19th January. Because of Covid-19 restrictions, we are forced to limit attendance to immediate family. However, a memorial service will be held at a later date once Coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, where all friends are invited to come together and share in the celebration of his life.

Mum and dad, were founder members of the Rotary Club of Haworth and Worth Valley and dad was actively raising money for charity until falling ill, most recently for the Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice in Oxenhope, near his home in Haworth. If he had not fallen ill, he would be continuing this effort now.

With this in mind, and in lieu of flowers, we request donations to the Manorlands Hospice via Rotary's Charitable Trust. Link below, or scan the QR code attached to this post. 

Alternatively any donations in memory of dad may be made by cheque, payable to ‘Haworth & Worth Valley Rotary Club Charity Account’ which should be sent to the Club Treasurer:
Gordon Green
Hill Top Farm
Colne Road
BD22 0JJ.

With love and thanks, Simon

Audio of the funeral service has been uploaded to Youtube:

Alternatively the audio file can be downloaded here: JBHopkinson_Funeral_Service_19-01-2021.mp3 

Previous updates:-

From Simon: News about John Hopkinson


Dad is now installed at The Gables nursing home. I have been printing and reading/delivering wonderful messages from the TTR community and I would like to thank everybody for the encouragement and good wishes we've received. They have been making a very visible and very positive impact on dad and have done an immeasureable amount to prop us both up during a pretty rough time. Thank you!

If you wish to send Dad a message directly, he can be reached at the following address: 

John Hopkinson
c/o The Gables Nursing Home
65 Skipton Road
BD20 9LN 

If you'd like to send something for me to read to him and then pass on to him, my address is:

Simon Hopkinson
228 Iveson Drive
LS16 6ER

Dad will complete his 14 day quarantine on Monday. Because of the Covid-19 situation, this unfortunately will not mean that I will be permitted much closer access, despite him being neither at risk of Covid-19 nor a risk of transmitting Covid-19. Logic and reason are giving way to fear at the moment, but hopefully more rational thinking will return sooner rather than later. After a frank conversation, I do now have permission from the nursing home to deliver printed messages and Christmas cards  directly to dad without having to wait for them to pass through a few days of quarantine.

Very kindly, Dave Norville is working to identify the items which are stock items for the website and the commissions that are in various stages of completion. There are, I believe, one or two mysteries still to solve. If you are waiting on something from Dad, please let me know by dropping me an email which I will pass on to Dave.

I will continue to update this page as and when I have news. I will do my best to update more frequently.

Many thanks, best regards and Merry Christmas!


As many of you may have realised by now, my dad has not been maintaining his website in recent months. I am sad to report that he is not well. He is presently in hospital and the prognosis is not good. Dad has Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and bowel cancer, he is losing weight significantly and is experiencing increasing bouts of confusion. Although he has contracted Covid-19 while in hospital, I am pleased to report that he is not experiencing any symptoms. However, the truth is that the outlook more broadly speaking is grim.

Dad has a great many valued friends, particularly in the TTR community, and I have been overwhelmed by messages of support for my dad and also for me. Thank you. I am immensely grateful to everybody for their expressions of kindness which continue to prop me up and which I look forward to sharing with dad when I am eventually permitted to visit him again.

As things stand now, we are able to move dad to The Gables nursing home in Silsden on 7th December after 14 days from first testing positive for Covid-19. I will then finally be able to visit him in person again.

Despite not updating the site for quite some time, until three weeks ago my dad had been industriously continuing with restoration and creative projects and he and I had been planning to update the website with a great many new items. Unfortunately, I am not sufficiently familiar with TTR to be able to complete my dad's work, document/describe it or price it appropriately (I just built the website and take the photos). While I do have access to a good many friends who are experts in the field, I'm sure you will appreciate it's a sizeable project that will take some time. Please bear with me.

I will continue to post updates here, as and when I have news to share. If you would like to send a message to dad, please feel free to email and I will print it out and deliver it to him in person.

Many thanks,