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Restorations, Repaints, Reproductions, Inventions & Originals

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When inquiring about any item, please quote the Stock Code. Payment can be made by Paypal or by cheque.
Postage will be calculated according to cost. Please indicate whether you want items sent by Recorded or Special Delivery.
Heavier items will normally be sent via My Hermes, which is safer and cheaper than the P.O.
More photographs can be supplied on request.
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Showcased items
V31: Presentation Box (To Order)
A reproduction of the boxes which were provided with the Cor ... £105
L141: a Pytchley in post-war colours (Repaint)
This was a standard 14v Pytchley in BR green, converted into... £90
L206: Midland Compound (Repaint)
A standard Trix Compound repainted as the preserved one in t... £95
L255: LNWR tank engine (Repaint)
Another repaint into the livery of the LNWR... £25
L140: A Trix Scotsman as a Southern pacific (Invention)
For a reason for this repaint look at the bottom of page 45 ... £250
L211: Southern 0-4-0 in malachite green (Invention)
A standard 14v. 0-4-0 as Trix should have produced post-war... £28
L105: 0-4-0 tank (Original)
The plastic bodied version of the 14v. tank loco. It is in v... £15
L139: A post-war Pytchley in black (Original)
A rarish loco. Produced for a short time in the late 40s. Th... £110
C190: North British 1st. class coach (Repaint)
A repainted standard coach into the livery of the NBR... £18
C194: L.T. 1st./3rd coach (Repaint)
A standard suburban repainted in the livery of the Metropoli... £18
C200: Post-war Southern Restaurant Car (Repaint)
Repainted in malachite green... £20
C201: Malachite Brake 3rd. (Repaint)
A scale coach repainted as a post-war Southern coach... £20
C217: Southern 3rd class (Repaint)
A standard suburban coach painted in pre-war olive green... £20
C233: North British brake 3rd. (Repaint)
A standard short bogie repainted in the livery of the NBR... £18
C37: Coronation Scot 1st.class coach (Reproduction)
Repainted from a standard BR coach.... £25
C39: Coronation Scot Brake 3rd. (Reproduction)
Made from a standard post-war scale coach.... £30
C202: Scale Southern coach, post-war (Reproduction)
A standard scale coach repainted as a 1st. class suitable fo... £20
C221: Southern suburban brake 3rd (Reproduction)
Adapted from a standard suburban coach... £22
C40: Coronation Scot 3rd. Class coach (Invention)
Like the Club Car, missing from the American train. Made fro... £25
C96: Pullman Car (Invention)
A short bogie coach painted into a representation of a Pullm... £20
C102: SR brake 3rd. (Invention)
A standard Brake 3rd repainted into the post-war Southern li... £15
C219: Southern suburban 1st./3rd. (Invention)
Repainted from a standard bogie suburban... £20
C223: London Transport 3rd. class coach (Invention)
A repaint into Metropolitan colours... £20
C224: London Transport Brake 3rd (Invention)
A standard suburban coach, but with windows blocked in order... £22
C229: LNWR 3rd. class (Invention)
A repaint from a standard pre-war suburban coach... £18
C237: GW 1st Class coach (Invention)
A repainted standard coach into the post-war livery of the G... £18
C240: GW 1st. class coach (Invention)
A standard short bogie coach repainted into the pre-war live... £18
C261: Pullman coach (Original)
Good, not mint. Boxed... £6
C113: Pullman coach (Original)
Fair condition. The lettering and lining are a bit faded, an... £8
W45: Oil tanker (Invention)
One that Trix didn't do. This is the post-war version... 3 available, £20 each
W269: High Capacity wagon (Original)
Virtually mint condition... £2
W51: NE High sided wagon (Original)
Virtually mint pre-war version... £3
V31: Presentation Box (To Order)
A reproduction of the boxes which were provided with the Cor... £105